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Free LetsEncrypt SSL on a Digital Ocean VPS running Ubuntu 14.04.5 using ServerPilot

Today we will show you how to install a 100% free SSL certificate from a CA (certificate authority). Our clients server was setup using a Digital Ocean Droplet with Ubuntu 14.04.5 and used Server Pilot configuration. It’s been long since … Continue reading

Use Sequel Pro database management, with SSH, Serverpilot, and Digitalocean

First things first, we just want to say that we absolutely love Digitalocean and Serverpilot services. It makes setting up new servers a snap. The problem we ran into a while back is that Sequel Pro couldn’t connect to our database, … Continue reading

Save hard drive space using dropbox

Dropbox has become quite a got to for cloud storage. Even though there are other out there, this article pertains to Dropbox and Mac users, sorry PC fans there is a remedy for you as well using a similar process. … Continue reading

Using Font Awesome in Photoshop

For those of us designers who love using Font Awesome icons, using Font Awesome in Photoshop is actually pretty simple. In fact its really only a 3 step process to get started. So lets not waste anymore time shall we. First … Continue reading

Magento returns a 404 while running cron file

If you didn’t know already Magento uses a CRON job to send out new order, and order emails. Why is this? We have no idea, and honestly it’s the dumbest thing we have seen so far. It does however send … Continue reading

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