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Custom WordPress Homepage widget area with Bootstrap

This tutorial we will show you how to implement a custom WordPress homepage and footer widget areas. These widget areas will auto conform using the boostrap grid system based on the number of widgets. Adding a new function to your … Continue reading

Adding a version number to WooCommerce Downloads Table using custom fields

Recently we where challenged to find how to add a version number to WooCommerce Downloads table from with the my account section. After a quick search through Google, which yielded no favorable results we ended up creating our own solution. … Continue reading

Free LetsEncrypt SSL on a Digital Ocean VPS running Ubuntu 14.04.5 using ServerPilot

Today we will show you how to install a 100% free SSL certificate from a CA (certificate authority). Our clients server was setup using a Digital Ocean Droplet with Ubuntu 14.04.5 and used Server Pilot configuration. It’s been long since … Continue reading

Use Sequel Pro database management, with SSH, Serverpilot, and Digitalocean

First things first, we just want to say that we absolutely love Digitalocean¬†and Serverpilot services. It makes setting up new servers a snap. The problem we ran into a while back is that Sequel Pro couldn’t connect to our database, … Continue reading

Save hard drive space using dropbox

Dropbox has become quite a got to for cloud storage. Even though there are other out there, this article pertains to Dropbox and Mac users, sorry PC fans there is a remedy for you as well using a similar process. … Continue reading

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